exporting alcohol to south america


hi there
m main business its the real state but i would like to strat exporting alcohol to argentina.
1. do i need an export license? if not?when do i need it?
2.what to do first?
3.how to i send 70 bottles to argetina?



Hola Felipe
In general, importing into Argentina is extremely difficult at the moment. I speak on a daily basis to experienced importers who are finding it extremely hard to sustain their business. The government has a strongly protectionist agenda. You will face high import duties, you will definitely need a licence (or many), registrations, tests, etc. After you complete all of this (it could take months), then there is a huge risk of the legislation changing again and needing further documentation. And you always run the risk of your goods being delayed/stopped/lost at customs. Argentina is currently the most protectionist country in the world, even more so than Russia.
You will have your own reasons for wanting to export alcohol to Argentina and if you definitely want to go ahead, I would recommend you contact Strong and Herd in the UK who can help with documentation/shipping. You can also contact a trusted customs broker in Argentina. Make sure they are very clear about costs, timescales and risks.
Good luck.


Information on the Customs requirements for exporting is given in HMRC Public Notice 275. All notices can be found on our website www.hmrc.gov.uk under Quick Links > Library > Official Statistics – Publications – Notices, Info Sheets & Other Reference Materials > Import, Export & International Trade. The Public Notices are in numerical order.

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