Exporting alcohol to North America


Can you recomend a consultancy, company or independant advisor who can speak to companies knowlegably at a workshop about labeling, export documentation, dodumentation for samples and trade shows, dual language labels, the nuts and bolts stuff needed by small exporters who are looking to export beer, cider and spirits to the US and Canada.


Hi, you raise a wide range of issues about labeling, and haven’t mentioned the location where you are seeking to hold the workshop. Most Chambers of Commerce offer export documentation services, and this is the best place to start on this issue. Depending on venue and timings, I could deal with the language aspect, our top specialism is food label translation for retailers and manufacturers, including work for the US and Canada. We also work with specialists in international food label compliance, including FDA requirements for the US. Happy to discuss further. I can be contacted by email: Mike(at)betterlanguages.com or by phone on 0115 9788980 (TPS registered), I work Mon to Thurs. Kindest regards, Mike Hunter, CEO, betterlanguages.com Ltd.


Hi ,
I think Mike has already given you good advice here. Not knowing your location I can’t recommend the best Chamber of Commerce but you can find a list of chambers that issue international trade documents via the e-z Cert website (www.e-zcert.com) and many will provide relevant training which we deliver at the chamber.

As a company we provide the online platform that many chambers in the UK used to deliver certified documents. But probably more relevant we also offer systems suitable for exporters in the alcohol industry to manage the movement of duty suspended goods and supporting documentation – it’s called the EMCS system. Our existing customer base covers beer, cider and whisky as per your request.
Happy to help in this area if required.
Kind regards,
Ian James


Hi there, Ashbury Labelling provide international regulatory and labelling advice & services. We have a full-time North America/Canada expert based in the US who would be able to assist you further! Feel free to drop me an email at tina.klose (at) ashburylabelling.co.uk if required. Thank you and kind regards, Tina

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