exporting a product for another comapny to use – under licence?


If we export our product to a company – they will require training to fit this – and our product will require certificate stating fit for purpose from a stress analyst before export.
how can we stop – or try to stop -our product being copied
set them up as distributer?
or can you sell your product under licence?


It is simply not possible to stop anyone copying a device or equipment unless you have a watertight patent.

In regard to licensing, It really depends on what country you are exporting to. There are many rules & regulations about licensing & agreement may not be possible to enforce unless you have deep pockets.

The best way would be probably be to market your "brand", find a distributor in the target country & give them exclusivity (in exchange for meeting sales targets). That way, they will have the motivation to stop anyone copying your product.

I have worked in the chemical business for many years so may be able to point you in the right direction regarding distributors.

Best regards

David Bill

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