Exportation of salvage vehicles from UK to Turkey


Hi I have a a company in London and a company branch in Turkey.
I wish to send salvage vehicle; just the front and back part of the vehicle and also the doors. These will be sent to Turkey to be repaired and then they be exported to either back to UK or sold and exported to another country. I know I am required obtain ATR, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, packing list, certificate from a mechanic stating all oil; including fuel; has been removed, bill of lading. Other than these stated document what else would I need obtain or is this sufficient. Do I need to inform DVLA anything regarding the export of these salvage goods?

Lastly I have another question relating to export. I wish to export my company car in UK to to be used in Turkey- company branch. I would be driving the vehicle to Turkey. What is required of me to be able proceed with the above. Do I need to inform DVLA of the vehicle leaving the country or anything as such?

I would like to thank you in advance for your help with the above and hope to hear from you soon.


Dear Ilknur,

We can assist you in all exportation to Turkey and the necessary requirements. Please contact info@xpressparcels for a quote.

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Dear Ilknur

We can help you with exporting to Turkey we run a weekly groupage service to Turkey.

In relation to your car, yes you will have to inform DVLA if it is going out to turkey permanantly.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help with rates or further details of sailings.

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Dave Eales e mail [email protected]
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Hi Ilknur

Could you please give me some details regarding the export of salvage cars from UK to Turkey. The first question is: Are going to bring back in the UK/other countries the repaired parts, different chassis elements or a whole car? If you are bringing back only the chassis elements or the repaired parts (to sell them), it is not a matter of importing/exporting cars, but mechanical pieces.

Secondly: If you are sending parts of a car to be repaired, are you going to bring them back to rebuilt the initial car or to randomly sell the pieces?

Third question: What types of cars are we talking about? Made in the EU or all over the World?

Regarding your second question, (exporting the company car from the UK to be used in Turkey) do you want to register the car in Turkey (use it with Turkish registration plates) or do you want to drive it in Turkey using British registration plates?

Best Regards,
Cristina Trifonescu
[email protected]

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