Export Used Car Battery to Thailand from UK


Currently I only deal with plastic exports to China, however recently I found a customer from Thailand looking for used car batteries without acid.

Can anyone guide me on the license & regulations/controls required for this type of export.

The client has already obtained the import license locally, therefore I think import to Thai is not a problem for her.

I just wondered what UK regulations I need to follow.

Thanks everyone


It might be regarded as a hazardous cargo by some carriers so you will need to consider the Dangerous Goods declaration as well as a UK customs export declaration. Suggest you speak to the carrier of the goods for advice.


I am unable to answer on UK controls but the following link may help you in addition to the advice given by Howard Marsh:


I recommend contacting your local Chamber of Commerce in the UK. They will be able to help you with your enquiry: http://exportbritain.org.uk/uk-chamber-directory/
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