Export to Russia from UK


Want to export used car spares to Russia from UK, but not sure how to source buyers


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You may wish to take a look at our Russia section which contains a wealth of information on trading with Russia including articles, events, business opportunities and previously answered questions:


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Best route for this is to contact your local UKTI team who can put you in contact with the commercial team at the British Embassy in Moscow or St Petersburg.
As you are based in Oldbury, your local UKTI adviser is based at the Black Country Chamber Of Commerce, I suggest you give the chamber a call on 0845 002 1234 and they can connect you to one of your local advisers.


Dear Haz,

In order for UKTI Russia help you with your question, we need to know more about the business you are doing. I am afraid it is too general an inquiry for us to be able to give you a detailed answer. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] and a relevant trade adviser will be happy to discuss it with you individually.
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