Export to Europe


Hello my company Pure Chimp is looking to get distributors to sell our products in Europe.

Anybody know the best way to get hold of distributors abroad?

Looking to hit Sweden first.


dear Dean

both Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and UKTI can help you source distributors for your products.
EEN has a specific service where you can search for European partners and /or have your own partner search profile which can be seen by businesses across your targeted countries. This is a free service to small businesses funded by the EU.
See http://www.enterpriseeuropeeast.org.uk/eox/services/partner.asp?ContentID=013&BackTo=0&savemsg=&CustomMessage=

UKTI has a Business Opportunities website where you can get alerts posted by UK embassy posts across the world (see http://www.businessopportunities.ukti.gov.uk/home.html?guid=007F2BA1708171ABA340CE2739F4D310) and runs advisory services for exporters.
As you are based in our region in the East of England, please do not hesitate to give me a call on 08456419955 (option 2). Our office hosts both EEN and UKTI services!
I hope this is useful


Okay thanks for the response Mathilde. EEN sounds perfect.



no worries, do give us a call when you have a moment.
kind regards

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