export of waste tyre with one cut in bead wire to India


Can we export end of life tyre with one cut in bead wire (as required as per indian foreign trade policy) used for recycling purpose by certified facility in India.


Hi Chetan,

Providing your customer has a licence to import and recycle then yes you can. We export around 20 x 40ft of Used Tyres per month to India from our service out of Liverpool. Carriers though insist on a indemnity prior to export which basically covers all parties in the event of Dumping. I will need to know your loading point and where in India you are intending shipping to so i can offer you our rates.
For further information and quotes contact me by email: irobery@stigl.co.uk or by phone 01268 289653 and i will be glad to assist you.

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Hello Chetan,
When you do your costing don’t forget to include the cost of export documentation, import duty and tax as these can be significant.

Check with your customer exactly which documents they expect to receive from you, they may want certificates of origin etc. These can be obtained from your local chamber of commerce (via an on line service or in person) but there are fees.

To find out what duty etc. applies you need to find a tariff code for your product see this link

You can then check out the regulations and duty/tax for India at this link

Take care that you look up second hand / used etc. rather than new.

If you need any further information or assistance please don’t hesitate to ask.



Hello Chetan,

Please note….

With India shipments you do not require a certificate of Origin for Used Tyres, some Machinery requires Import Licence and a cert of Origin but with the commodity you are shipping you will not require a Cert of Origin. Your customer as i said previous will require
an Import Licence and be a registered recycler to Import these Tyres. As for Import Duty in India, that is an issue for the customer not the Exporter. Your Buyer will know which tariff code he needs to use on Imports and what duty rate will apply. This does not or should not concern you. Correct documents required by the Importer are: Export Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading. Anything over and above this is at the request of Consignee.
On booking cargo before anty carrier will accept they will need to sight clear copies of the Import Licence and Recycling Certificate.


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