Export of Matrox Parhelia 128MB PH-A128 to Russia


We have advertised a Matrox Parhelia 128MB PH-A128 on eBay. This item was purchased in 2004 and is surplus to our needs. A Russian buyer has purchased the item on eBay and has paid by PayPal. Are there any restrictions or rules that we need to take into account before accepting this order?


Hello; I think it would be wise to check whether this product is subject to an export licence, and you can do this by emailing the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) Export Control Organisation at: eco.help@bis.gsi.gov.uk

If they give the all clear, let us know if you require further help, in order that you can send the item to your buyer.


there is a restriction of shipping into Russia of electronic goods which have hardware encription features. If there are no encryption features, the device is ok to be shipped to Russia

Export Action Plan