Export Logistics


I am thinking of starting up a logistics business where I would like to concentrate on providing transport for shipment of goods, product ect. around the Europe. I need an advice how I can find and approach clients, who exporting a goods and would need logistic services?I have seen a lot of big business concentrate on this, so my question is also, If there is a demand for this sector for smaller businesses.


hi Aneta
I would suggest you contact your local Chamber of Commerce and become a member, and then attend their networking events. the local team there could also give you some useful knowledge on the needs of their members as chambers deal with export documentation which is closely linked to logistics and freight forwarding. The Chambers offer a range of networking opportunities as well as training which should enable you to find out more about the needs of the local business community. I hope it helps. here is the website for Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce: http://www.hertschamber.com/

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