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Do I need any specific "export" license to take as MIB (Merchandise In Baggage) confocal measuring equipment, final destination Doha, the supplying company says "The sensor is under export control but we are not aware of any issues with Qatar" but says I should check?


Hi Ray
Thanks for the questions – firstly handcarrying the shipment or sending it by freight is irrelevant where export controls are concerned so if the confocal measuring equipment is export controlled then you will need a licence to send it to Qatar. When you need a licence OUT of the UK/EU you will also have to think of getting the licence to return the shipment from Qatar if it is temporary. We strongly recommend not hand carrying. Also, if it is a sale what evidence will you get to allow you to VAT zero-rate? Can you do the relevant export declaration declaration? These are issues regardless of licence status.

Does the confocal measuring equipment need an export licence? You have to check the EU dual-use controls which control high-tech products. On a quick look Section 2B006 covers measuring equipment but without understanding the tech spec or capabilities of your item I cannot guide you further. Here is the link to the strategic list https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-strategic-export-control-lists-the-consolidated-list-of-strategic-military-and-dual-use-items-that-require-export-authorisation

You can also get guidance from the Export Tab on HMRC Trade Tariff if you know the correct commodity code for the item. https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff/sections

Of course if your product has been specially designed or modified/re-configured for military use then it will need a licence and this will come under the Military List controls.

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Thanks Sandra,
I do have the codes for the devices (just received them from the supplier).
It is easier for me to take them as hand luggage due to size and delicate nature of the items (also shipping is not much cheaper than my flight!). The Items are for permanent export to a medical research unit of the Qatar Foundation (QF) run by Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub
I am going to use the MIB system at the airport as I am also going to register for VAT so I can reclaim vat, presuming can also have the "export papers" validated there. Just need to find where to get the necessary papers?

Best regards Ray


Hi Ray

Email me the codes you’ve received from the supplier and as part of our commitment to Open to Export we’ll help without charge in sorting out whether you need a licence or not, and if you do which type you need. Have you checked if you require Arab-British legalised documents into Qatar? Who will be the importer of record on arrival in Qatar, who will pay the customs duty and taxes? It really is easier to send by air freight or courier.

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