Export documentation for foodstuffs to Kuwait


Hi, I am new to the export process and would be grateful for your help.

I am currently in the process of setting up documentation for the export of processed foodstuffs to Kuwait.

The customer/importer in Kuwait is insisting on receiving a health certificate for the goods we will supply (not sent for goods we export to UAE or Saudi Arabia), these goods are manufactured in various EU countries including the UK and I do not know where to start with this, how to obtain or how long this process will take.

This customer is also insisting that the Port/Country of loading must be the same as the country of origin of the products but this will never be the case due to the varying manufacturers / countries the goods are produced in.

If anybody could give me some guidance I would greatly appreciate it.



DEFRA are responsible for this. The Government website has a page devoted to export health certificates :


This will guide you to what is available.

Good luck


I cannot help you but can share your pain.
I am in an identical situation with Kuwait and Turkey where we are the exporter but not the manufacturer – and also with suppliers in the UK and the EU. Our products contain protein powders derived from milk.
I contacted APHA who send you available certificates. We found a local vet who visited us last Friday who need to endorse these certificates. The information required on the EHC makes it impossible for us as you have to marry the batch of the Raw Material to that of the product being exported. We do not have the information on the raw materials used to the extent the vet will put his signature to. For instance, we have the spec of the whey and got our manufacturer to get their supplier to send all the relevant health statements etc., The country of origin then revealed it comes from New Zealand cows which these 2 countries won’t accept.

I have been going round in circles for weeks on this. Our local health authority won’t sign any thing on our behalf as we are not the manufacturer.

I’ve exhausted all paths now, except to maybe contact the embassies and see if our products are so down the processing line, they can be deemed as not requiring these certiificates.

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