Export documentation as UK agents to Saudi Arabia


We are UK agents for a product produced in Portugal. We have a customer who is organising their own shipping for this product (UK to UAE) as we have not before exported this product and has requested a commercial invoice attested by the chamber of commerce and a certificate of origin attested by the chamber of commerce.
We have neither of these documents, what is our next step?


Firstly, the commercial invoice for the export is normally in the raised by the exporter, who is making the export sale?

Secondly depending on the first answer, if you are required to raised a certificate of origin there are two types which can be used when being raised in the UK, either an EC one or an Arab-British Certificate. Which one you need to raise depends on certain factors. Has legalisation been requested?

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Hi Anna

You will need to check with the importer what documents they require to clear goods in Saudi , it does sound as if they require an EEC certtificate of Origin and commercial invoice certiftied. It would be worth double checking this as its possible they require an Arab Certificate and invoice certified and legallised which is a lot more expensive.

Either way we can manage the entire process on your behalf , we will type, arrange certification/ legalisation of the Certificate of Origin and commercial invoice and then post the documents back to you.

If you have any questions please get in touch
Chris Beveridge



As your final customer is in the UK and you are not exporting/selling the goods to the customer in UAE/Saudi then you are not obliged to provide these documents.

If you would like to entertain your customers request it is possible for you to raise this documentation on their behalf however they would need to provide you with the delivery address of the goods in UAE/Saudi, which obviously is the address of their customer and I imagine will be commercially sensitive data that they will be reluctant to share for fear of you selling to them direct (even though you’re the UK agent they may not appreciate fully what this means).

If the UK Company is selling the goods to a customer in UAE/Saudi then officially they are the exporter and they are able to raise their own shipping documentation.

So based on the above I have two questions:

1. Are you happy to raise the documentation on behalf of your customer?
2. Are the goods being sold to UAE or Saudi? – These are two completely different Arab-League Nations with two completely different requirements for Customs clearance.

Kind regards

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