Export costs for baby clothes new code 62092000


Hi, I have an online company making baby clothes in cotton interlock (woven) the export code for this is 62092000 – I can see what the import duty is but the HMRC website does not tell me if there is an export duty on this type of goods!

Please can someone advise?



Dear Samantha

As far as we are aware most goods being shipped for export are not liable to export duty.
In over 27 years of trading we have never been asked to pay export duty. Don’t give this
government any bright ideas. If we can be of any help on the freighting side of things please contact us directly on 01263 513127 or email colin.crown@ntlworld.com
Best regards
colin ; crown freight


Hi Samantha
There is NO export duty on your products and if you are exporting outside the EU you don’t charge VAT to your customer either. I’d be pleased to help with moving these goods on our freight or courier services to worldwide destinations. Please let me know if you would like to discuss.
Mike Barnes
Tel: 01256 840884
Email: mike@despatchpoint.com


Thank you for your replies they were very helpful.

Sam Bowen

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