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we have small company specialised in Healthcare products and beauty . our products are vary
lately we got to export to Gulf countries and they asked for
– Product quality certificate
– free sale certificate

any one can help how to get these certificate asap.

Mishal A


Hello Mishal

With regards to the Product Quality Certificate, if the products have been manufactured to EU Standards then you can produce a Certificate on your own paperwork stating which standards they conform to. If you are selling goods to Saudi Arabia they do have their own standards and some products are required to be tested before they are exported. Talk to Intertek with regard to this and they will advise you whether these come under the Saudi testing requirements

With regard to the Free Sales Certificate you may find this website useful.

Certificate of Free sale for pharmaceutical products are issued by BIS. Basically it is a certificate to say that the products are sold freely in either the UK or EU.
Some Gulf states will require these Certificates to be Certified and possibly Legalised. Your Chamber of Commerce can arrange this for you.

Kind regards


Dear Mishal,

If you would like to email me directly I would be happy to assist you, we have regular dealings with Intertek and export Beauty care supplies around the world for a numberof our clients, taking care of all documents on their behalf. I belevie the application for Certs of free sale need to be submitted by the exporter, but we can supply you with a draft application letter. The manufaturer / supplier may be able to give you product quality certs. Also has the exporter requested Certified Arab British certificate of Origin and Invoice, again this is something we can assist you with along arranging the export if required.
Please feel free to email me directly on [email protected] and I will try and assist you.
Trust in order
Best regards

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