Export Controls: Unchambered Rifle barrels – which category?


We Manufacture Unchambered Rifle barrels. They on not considered firearms. what Export Category could i find them in?

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That would depend on whether they are parts of military weapons or not.

ML16 controls forgings, castings and other unfinished goods specially designed for the items in ML1 and ML2 if your barrels are for military firearms.

PL9010 controls parts and essential components of non military firearms.


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The rifle barrels (unchambered) are considered “specially designed components” in Military terms.

Therefore if designed produced or modified for military use check the ML1 and ML2 sub categories for the finished product and the parts will fall under that classification.

If they are not for military use PL9010 also includes the “parts” and “essential components” – which will include the rifle barrel – you need to determine the type of rifle you are making them for.

Please note the CLC service has been discontinued temporarily. Recommend you make a licence application, as these will be controlled somewhere and will need a licence.

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