Export Control REform in the US and UK alignment


With the current US Export Control Reform (ECR) changes to the control classification of parts and components for the Aerospace & Defense industry, is the UK planning on following suit and removing parts in the UK that were previously aligned with the US ITAR controls and moving them to the Dual Use control status?

Recently there was a situation where a part that is no longer ITAR controlled in the US, but is now EAR99 (since all US Origin parts are controlled, the lowest control possible in the US is EAR99) was manufactured in the UK using US Technology (EAR99 Controlled), but since the UK still showed the part as being controlled under the ML10 the manufacturer required an EUU and said they had to get a license to export it.

Basically – Is the UK working to align the controls in the Aerospace & Defense industry to remove parts & components (fasteners) of military aircraft that are no longer considered ITAR controlled in the US, but are now under the less controlled EAR?

What about the creation of the 600 Series categories in the EAR, is the UK adding 600 Series categories to the Dual Use List, which is almost a mirror of the EAR?

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