Export Clearance/Declarations for first time export to Switzerland


We are about to export some electronic switchgear to Switzerland using our own lorry.

De we need to get some type of ‘Export Clearance’ / make an ‘Export Declaration’ ?


Hi Roger,

You’ll need to be registered for the NES service with HMRC to make the export declaration yourself.

Once you are registered you can make the declaration either via the HMRC website, although it is quite a difficult system to use, or via a service like e-z Consign (www.4-exim.com). Using e-z Consign you can at the same time create the other export paperwork for your shipment.

The alternative is to let a freight forwarder/agent make the declaration on your behalf. There is likely to be a cost and you also lose control of the messages HMRC send when the goods leave the UK.

Drop us a line if you need any help getting setup.

Kind regards,
Ian James


Dear Roger

Ian is correct an export customs entry is reqd .plus commercial invoice and maybe
an EUR1 / invoice declaration for the clearance in Switzerland.
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Colin : Crown Freight Consultants Ltd


From my experience you normally need an EUR1 to avoid duty at customs clearance in Switzerland. You can get round this if you are registered under the EU preferential trade agreement by becoming an approved exporter with HMRC.

An approved exporter has an authorisation number which is added as part of an invoice declaration to relevant exports. An invoice declaration will enable the same benefits without any cost.

You can become an approved exporter by completing the C1454 form, available here:


Note that the application process normally involves a full customs audit.

For more information about invoice declarations and the benefits of becoming an approved exporter I would read section 5 of Customs Public Notice 827:



Export Action Plan