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There is plenty of advice on how to obtain an EC CofO (which we now have) but no one seems to give any information on how this should be presented. Can someone please explain whether the certificate (original) should be attached to the outside of the package (so customs can see it) or sent separately by post? I have seen somewhere that it can be sent separately or even within the package but how are customs going to clear the consignment if they cannot see the certificate?


Hi Alan

Firstly, apologies for not giving a definitive answer.

Technically speaking, each country has its own individual customs clearance regulations so you would need to check in an international trade procedures guide such as Tates or Croners to see if original export documentation was required to enable clearance.

Logically speaking if shipping under Letter of Credit the originals are normally called for as part of the presentation, so it would be impossible to send the originals with the goods unless you wanted to be discrepant against the LC.

Speaking from (bitter) experience I personally would always send the original with the goods if possible. When shipping via seafreight I will courier the export docs to the customer in advance so they can present originals for clearance. I always send a scan via email to my forwarder (or the customers forwarder for EXW shipments), the forward will normally pass this on to the local/clearing agent.

The EC CofO is a three page set, the chamber will retain the pink, leaving you with the white and yellow copy. You can normally get additional yellow copies from your Chamber of Commerce free of charge, some local Chambers may apply a nominal fee. I get at least four additional yellow copies and provide one to all relevant parties.

I hope this helps!

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Just spotted you are shipping to Oman which is an Arab Leauge Nation, so officially you should be raising an Arab British Certificate of Origin rather than an EC.

I do not believe clearance will be hindered on the basis of original documentation not being supplied when it is the incorrect document for that country. It is more likely clearance will be hindered pending the correct documentation being raised and couriered across.

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Dear Alan
We suggest you confirm with consignee what type of certificate of origin is required whether
EU or Arab British certificate of origin. If Arab British c of o is required the consignee needs
also to confirm if legalisation is required.
We would suggest if shipment sent by sea c of o to be sent with b/l. if by air attach to waybill.
if by courier attach to parcel. If letter of credit c of o to bank.
If any help required on the freighting side please contact us directly on 01263 513127 or
email ; [email protected]
best regards
Colin ; Crown Frt

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