Duty Rates in South America


Is there a ‘Go To’ website where I can find the customs duties that will be payable by our customer on importing our products into Peru and Colombia?

We are a food company based in Northern Ireland trying to open these markets. We have the custom codes (2106 9098 9000 & 2106 9092 9000) but I have not been able to find the duty % payable.

Many thanks in advance….


While we are still members of the European Union we have access to the Market Access Database: madb.europa.eu

Select the tariffs section and then you can find out the duty rates for your product and any country in the world.


Hi Simon

David was quicker than me to reply. The EU Market Access Database is the bible you need!

Copy and paste this link into your browser which will take you straight to the page where you select the country and enter your tariff code. Lots of other useful info too.





Hope the two answers above have helped.

Also, for Colombia, I find https://muisca.dian.gov.co/WebArancel/DefMenuConsultas.faces very useful.

For Peru, http://www.sunat.gob.pe/aduanas.html

From experience, non-tariff barriers can be tricky particularly in Colombia (say, product registrations).

Good luck.


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