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Hi Open to Export

We currently export goods to the USA. EU countries and recently to Japan. All of the items we have exported to date have been purchased directly from within the UK and we are reasonably familiar with the procedures for export.

An opportunity has arise for us to import goods directly from China and then to export them immediately to the USA.

Is there any relief available for the Duty payable on these goods when they arrive in the UK.

Your advice will be much appreciated.

Modo Creations Ltd


If you do not need to modify the product in any way talk to your freight agent about bringing them into a bonded warehouse. That way they will not need to clear UK customs and can be re-exported without the need to pay UK import duties
regards Xiota ltd


Hi Adrian and Ben,

Mike has presented one option, but another option is to ship directly to your customer in USA from China. You can then make a “triangular” invoice.
Your chinese supplier invoices you, but does not include this invoice with the goods, though he will include his packing list. You send your invoice to the chinese freight forwarder to accompany the goods, as well as sending a copy straight to your customer.
USA authorities will charge duty on your invoice. There is no import duty to pay in the uk as the goods did not enter UK.
Plus you save on freight charges.
Gilio Moscardini


Hi Ben.

In order to avoid import duty it is possible to utilise bonded warehouse or a process called IPR.

If you would like to discuss these options in further detail then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01376 505187.

Kindest Regards

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