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My company is looking to export products to the UAE, in particularly Dubai. Can you advise what export paperwork / documentation is needed for such shipments?7


Dear Simon,

Documents usually required are Exporters Invoice, Packing list and Certificate of Origin. Some importers may only require a European Cert of Origin for their purposes. Others may require full Arab Cert of Origin and Certification of Invoice. Best to check with your customers and ask them to confirm their requirements as depending on the commodity they may also require Certs of Analysis or Health Certificates, but again would ask your customers to confirm.

If I can be of any more assitance please do not hesitate to contact me, as I am more then happy to assist / quote you on any shipments you may have.

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Dear Simon

Documentation requirements commercial invoice and packing list.
but you will probably need either EU Certificate of Origin or Arab
British Certificate of Origin. Your clients in UAE must advise yourselves
precisely what documents they require .Other documents maybe required
depending on what your products are.
Once you are ready to start to ship etc or need quotations for freight charges
please contact us at directly on 01263 513127 or email
and we will pleased to help.
Best regards
Colin ; Crown Freight Ltd



For exports to most Northern African or Middle Eastern countries you may be asked to supply a Certificate of Origin to enable customs clearance.

A Certificate of Origin serves many functions, its primary and most obvious function is to clearly state the origin of the goods being exported. This information is required by customs in the importers country to establish:

• Duty/Tariff rates
• If the goods being imported fall under import sanctions or restrictions
• If the country of origin is “blacklisted” or “boycotted”

Certificates of Origin are issued on a consignment by consignment basis.

There are two types of Certificate of Origin used for exports from the United Kingdom, which Certificate you raise will depend on the country you are exporting to. For any Arab-League Nation, including UAE we use the Arab-British Certificate of Origin, for any other country we use the European Community Certificate of Origin.

The relevant countries Embassy dictates their “requirements” i.e. which channels the documents must go through and which other documents (invoice/packing list) must be processed with the Certificate of Origin to enable customs clearance:

• Certification – Chamber of Commerce
• Legalisation – Embassy
• Appositle – FCO
• Combination of the above

For exports to UAE the documents must be issued as a set (CofO and invoice and must be Certified and Legalised – typically this takes 5-7 w/days to turn around. Ideally the originals should be presented with the goods for customs clearance.

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