Dropshipping to 3rd party customers from China to UAE



We are an early education products company in UK. We manufacture/produce our goods in China.

We have an interest from an online retailer in Dubai who would like to work with us on a drop-ship model – whereby they get the online order and we are responsible for shipping a product directly to their customer based in MENA(Middle east North Africa). They are asking for delivery of 3-5 days and for us to pay for the delivery too.

Does anyone have any experience in this field or any company who is in a similar situation as us? We currently do not have a distributor or importer of our products in UAE although this would be the ideal situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?


Hi Ajay,

We can handle the shipping though our agents in china and Middle East / Africa. Would this help as a starting point?

Contact me if you would like to discuss further.

Kind regards
David Cross
Cross Trades and Logistics Limited
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Hi Ajay

I’m not clear from your question if you will be drop shipping from China or from a UK warehouse.
I would think from the UK you should be able to meet those deadlines, just, but in your position if they want drop shipping then you would need to build the cost of this into the price you charge the online retailer.
It does seem in the situation you describe that they have zero risk, and you carry all the risks and costs, I think they should make more of a commitment.


Hi Ajay.
Seems to be fraught with danger. As Roger says you carry all of the risk.
They want you to warehouse product in China, and deliver to Oman or Kenya or wherever,to their timescale. Plus you cover all the costs of shipping and holding stock (probably without a forecast or comitment).
You are bettet saying to them you can do a super price to deliver to them, for an moq with payment in advance.
Unless you have a marketing budget that allows you to speculate to accumulate. Gilio

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