Drop shipping document issue


Hi, the company I work for have multiple business entities across APAC as well as the UK. In the UK we have a large distribution centre that contains most of our stocked products. The APAC distribution centres contain a small subset of products.
Currently if an APAC customer orders a product and it is not in stock in their region, the APAC distribution centre will place an intercompany order on the UK centre and we will then ship the goods there before they process it and forward on to the customer (cross dock). We want to eliminate this cross dock to allow the customer to receive the goods sooner, and to make the supply chain function more efficient.

One particular region wants us to put the customer invoice in with the goods (we will be using a DHL BBX service for this region). The costs we will use for the importation will be the intercompany costs, however there is talk of us being non compliant if we did this as we will be declaring 1 value for customs, but the parcels will contain an invoice for another value.

Is this a compliance issue (surely we can’t be the only company that is doing this) ?

Thanks in advance


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