Does the location of a websites hosting effect product compliance?


We’re looking to launch a website specifically for the US market. There are a number of hosting options available to us: UK or US. Does the physical location of the web hosting infrastructure effect product compliance? E.g. Does hosting the website in the US, mean that products need to meet US product regulations?


Hi Simon,

In regards to hosting an e-Commerce solution with products targeting the US it would benefit to host your website in the US along with a .com Domain. You will find that Search Engines would prefer a native Domain and site to be hosted in that given country.

We help a large number of UK businesses to gain new customers abroad with our range of Digital Marketing services and hosting questions come up quite often. If you have an e-Commerce solution please also make sure you have https correctly setup as Google prefers this and again aids towards your ranking/position.

I hope this helps but please feel free to call us on our UK office number or myself direct on 07852 537715.



Hi Simon

The above response is appropriate for marketing to the US. As far as product compliance is concerned your website hosting is irrelevant.

If you want to export to a country then you have to comply with their regulations wherever you are based or wherever your website is hosted.


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