Does Super Duplex stainless Steel fall within category exotic alloys


We are exporting a Helicopter Refuelling System to South Korea. The instrument and deluge pipework are super duplex steel alloy. I note that an export licence is required for "exotic alloys". Does super duplex fall within this category.


Hello Bill
My name is Chris Willers and I run an export services company called Access to Export Ltd based near Cambridge.
In order fro me to check the list of controlled alloys please can you confirm the composition of the Super Duplex stainless Steel. If you would prefer to send this information confidentially please e-mail me at [email protected].
Is the Helicopter for commercial or military use? If it is military it will be controlled.

Kind regards


Hi Bill

It looks like you will need a UK Export Licence for this however, Id double check with BIS on 020 7215 5000. If its for military use then it will be controlled
I know that you will need to discuss the composition of the duplex stainless steel with BIS i.e % titanium, chromium etc to see it comes under exotic alloys definition


Jon Boyce


Dear Bill,

Thanks for your question. I’ve been in contact with the Export Controls Organisation. Here is their response.

“As Chris and John have already pointed out, if the refuelling piece of kit has been built to a military specification for the helicopter, it will require an export licence. If the pipework is not made to military spec, but the material (and components thereof) is contained within the special alloy section of the dual use control list under Category 1c, you will require an export licence.”

Hope that this helps.


Jennie Rich

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