Do you need more than one website if you export to more than one country?


If exporting to more than one country do you need more than one website?

(This question was asked at the ‘Don’t get lost in translation’ webinar on March 11th 2016.)


If you have a number of countries that you address, whether or not they have different languages, you are likely to have different requirements for the website. Firstly, unless they are all Eurozone, the pricing will be different and you may have different VAT regimes.

You may have different circumstances for delivery or for your channel and therefore the sites will need to be localised and finally, you may have different languages. A French website may serve France well, but will it serve Belgium and Switzerland or West Africa too? The chances are that it will not, because of the issues of localisation.

You can of course simply have a dedicated and translated page for each country on your main website. This contains all your products and services, with pricing and contact details. However, this looks fairly amateur and is difficult to optimise for Google visibility.

Ideally, you would have a single, multilingual website that has layers of translation that overlay the base English content. In those translation layers, you can not only translate, but also localise. And you can add relevant metadata for search engines.

So, finally, to answer your question, you need a website or websites that address each country that you sell into.

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