Do you have any tips on entering Japan and China and cultural differences from the USA?


Do you have any tips on entering Japan and China and cultural differences from the USA?

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Here are a few tips for you Dr Craig to hopefully get you started in your goal to entering Japan and China for your life sciences firm.

Japan is often considered more "Western" in culture than other Asian countries. Compared to the United States, there are certainly a lot of similarities. But Japan and the U.S. do have many cultural differences as well.

Japanese people tend to be more formal. This one is a generalization that depends on which region of Japan we are referring to, but overall Japan, especially Tokyo, is known for being "colder" than most areas of the United States. People stand a relatively far distance apart when speaking, and last names with honorifics are used. An example can be seen in different approaches to customer service. In America, ideal customer service is usually warm and friendly. In Japan, it is formal and unobtrusive.

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Dr. Craig,
I’m not really in a position to answer the question on China but I can direct you to an amazing resource on Japan that I and other colleagues at the Department of International Trade (formerly UKTI) have been working on for the last three years.

The resource is called Export to Japan and includes a new Step-by-step guide to doing business there –

This downloadable guide goes through some tried and tested routes to market –

Also you can speak to experts in your sector based at the British Embassy in Tokyo or Consulate General in Osaka here –

Hope that is helpful!

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