Do we need a paper copy of our emailed Proof of Export?


Talking about paper copies of POE – we would only get this via email. How do we obtain a papercopy as customers are likely to want to keep the original?

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Hi Paula,

Do you mean that you get an emailed copy of the POE? HMRC may well accepted electronic copies of evidence as long as they can be printed off – best to get agreement with them on storage medium.

Regards, Liz


Information regarding Proof of Export for VAT can be found in Section 6 of VAT Notice 703: export of goods from the UK

HM Revenue & Customs

Customs International Trade & Excise


For VAT zero-rating purposes you must produce either official evidence as described in paragraph 6.2 or commercial evidence as described in paragraph 6.3 of VAT Notice 703 – Export of goods from the UK.

Equal importance is put on official and commercial transport evidence but both must be supported by supplementary evidence to show that a transaction has taken place, and that the transaction relates to the goods physically exported.

The evidence you obtain as proof of export, whether official or commercial, or supporting must clearly identify:

•the supplier

•the consignor (where different from the supplier)

•the customer

•the goods

•an accurate value

•the export destination, and

•the mode of transport and route of the export movement

Therefore an e mail version may be acceptable in certain circumstances provided the aforementioned apply. However you decide to keep your records, you must be able to make them readily available to HMRC’s officers when they ask to see them.

HM Revenue & Customs

Customs International Trade & Excise

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