Do sales in US count towards UK VAT registration threshold



I am a UK sole trader and I currently drop ship products from a factory in china to the customer in the US.

As the sales are Non EU, and outside the scope for VAT. Do the sales still count towards reaching my UK VAT registration threshold £82000.

Basically I am have now just hit the £820000 mark but the sales were all outside the EU and not even exported from the EU but direct from China.

If these sales do not count towards my £82000 total then how do I account for this to HMRC? I am about to fill out my self assessment and I was wondering if it will raise a red flag that my sales are now over the VAT threshold.

Any advise or pointers would be much appreciated as I am struggling to find any information online and I do not have an accountant.

Thank You

This question is awaiting an answer
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