Do products containing white spirit always need to carry hazard labels when selling in EU?


The product is a cream furniture polish made with a secret formula but it contains white spirit. Would hazardous goods regulations apply?


good morning, please could you call me to discuss your enquiry? I need to know if the polish or the forumla rather would classify as a mixture, how much you are producing (more than a ton?). Enterprise Europe Network East of England works closely with UKTI to help companies in the region understadn EU regulation. We are partly funded by the EU to provide support to companies on trading in and with European countries. Our information service is completely free of charge. my phone number is 01707 398024. kind regards


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if you could please give more details about the cream furniture polish
and the white spirit such the % of white spirit etc size containers
and msds.
for transport costs please advise pallet sizes , weights
and destinations etc,
please contact us directly on 01263 513127 or email ;[email protected]
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Hi, I asked HSE (the Health & Safety Executive) about this and received a comprehensive answer from one of their adviser. however it is too longer for me to post it here (only 2000 signs allowed). here is an extract:We are currently in a transitional period during which the CLP Regulation is gradually replacing DSD and DPD. From the 1st December 2010 there has been a requirement to classify, label and package substances in accordance with CLP when they are placed on the market. Mixtures (deliberate blends of substances) do not have to be classified, labelled and packaged in accordance with CLP until 1st June 2015, and the existing system can be applied until then. However, if a supplier wishes to change to CLP before this date they can do so. You should also note that there is a 2 year period of grace for substances and mixtures already on the market on these respective dates; to allow them to filter through the system before they have to be re-labelled in accordance with CLP. That is, substances already in the supply chain on 1st December 2010 do not have to be relabelled in accordance with CLP until 1st December 2012. Mixtures already in the supply chain on 1st June 2015 do not have to be re-labelled until 1st June 2017. From these dates, substances and mixtures should be classified, labelled and packaged in accordance with CLP only.

In the case you describe, it sounds as though the company in question are supplying a mixture (i.e. the furniture polish is a formulation made by mixing different substances). If this is the case, they would not have to classify and label in accordance with CLP until 1st June 2015. However, they could apply CLP now if they wanted to.

if you care to contact me at [email protected] I will forward the answer to you.
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