Do i need to make a new packaging for each country I want to export to?


Hi everyone,

I’m a cricket pasta producer based in Thailand. We are going to export our pasta worldwide.

At the moment our packaging / labelling is in english but i’m not sure that it complies with for example USA FDA regulations.

We are actually contacting some other distributors in other various contries in Europe.

I know that of course i have to follow the food / labelling regulations of the country i want to export.

Now my doubt and my question is:

Do i need to make a new packaging for each country i want to export to? Or i could for example print just a label that complies with the regulation and stick it on my packaging?

The problem is that we know that what we have written on our packaging does not really comply for example with the FDA regulation, so i was thinking if i can just stick a correct label on it?

Otherwise making many different packaging (the label is the packaging itself) would be an high cost. What do you think?

(in China for example you just need to stick a white label in chinese language on your product, you don’t need to change all your packaging / label)

I would thank you very much for any advice you can give to me.

Best regards,



Hey Michele,

This website should hopefully be a really big help for you. If you look up the country you want and then go to the section that says ‘labelling requirements’. Lots of information to go at.

Thinking logically, the FDA so far as I am aware is one of the strictest, so if you can comply with them then maybe it will cover you for most other countries (better to have too much information than not enough).

On the FDA, I’m pretty certain you have to pre declare food/drink shipments to them directly prior to departure so if this isn’t something you’ve come across might be one to make note of. And of course you can always contact them directly if you wanted.

Kind regards,


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