Do I have to pay import duty for importing baking flour and sesame seeds from Turkey.


I would like to import 1 tonnes of sesame seeds from Turkey every 6 months but was wondering if there was import duty for this as Turkey is outside the EU. Thank You.


Hello Ihsan,
You need to look at the HMRC customs tariff see

I think this may be the correct heading

1208 90 00 00 Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; miscellaneous grains, seeds and fruit; industrial or medicinal plants; straw and fodder 08Flours and meals of oil seeds or oleaginous fruits, other than those of mustard

Items under this heading can be imported duty free.

Don’t forget you need to pay VAT. How you handle this will depend on the status of your company e.g. are you VAT registered or not.

You don’t say which grain the flour will be made from – this will be important in deciding the tariff code and therefore the import duty.

Happy to answer further questions – and you might like to look at my web site.



Hi Ishan.

Susan is correct you will need to pay Import VAT on this product but if you are importing Sesame Seeds you need to use the following tariff code: 1207 4010 00. We have a client in UK imports these all the time from other countries and this is the correct HMRC Code to use.
We can also assist with the shipping for you as well. STI have a weekly service from all Turkish ports.

Email me if you need anything else or a price

Best Regards


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