Do cosmetics need to be registered with NICNAS to be exported to Australia?


I would like some more information on exporting cosmetics to Australia.
It appears that our products would have to be registered with NICNAS, but would appreciate some more details on this.
What is the cost and time involved in this process? What are the next steps after registration?
One of our products contains an SPF 20, which means that it would be registered under TGA. Again, I would like some more information on this.

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Thank you for your question Olivia.

I hope you receive some useful answers shortly. In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at our Australia page which may provide more information for your export plans.

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Hi there Olivia,

In short, get in touch with NICNAS.

I am being genuine here when I say it is nice to see you doing the research beforehand. It might feel like a lot of time now but it will save you all the time (and money) down the line I am sure.

This is really quite specific information you are after so I would basically recommend following up with the relevant organisations/bodies which you have already found.

From having a quick look, it looks like the TGA regulate safe supply but NICNAS is more of a statutory regulator which would make contacting NICNAS probably a good starting point.

If you do need to register (looks like you do scouting out tariff codes) with them then if they are anything like the UK then usually pretty quick. 2-3 working days maybe but this is just a guess.

NICNAS Relevant Tariffs

UK Gov Tariff Finder

NICNAS Process Map

NICNAS Fees & Charges

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I believe that the FDA in America require an online declaration form to be filled in by the exporter prior to the goods being exported from the country of origin. Don’t know if this might hold true for Australia too.

Would also watch for potentially specific packaging and labelling requirements which, again, may differ between countries.

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Hi there, Olivia!

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Should you be interested in exploring opportunities in the Philippines, we, at the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (BCCP) would be delighted to assist you further.

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