Distributors in Latin America


I am an Export BDM at Security Labels International in Cannock Staffs.

I am looking for distributors in Latin America for our patented LabelLock Security Labels and was hoping to hear about relevant Trade Fairs, Networking Groups or Forums where I could source suitable contacts.

Thank you

John Croney


Hi John,
I have been exporting to Latin America for over 20 years, & now I work as a freelance advisor.
There are a number of forums in LinkedIn, with a lot of people trying to sell their products and themselves, but be careful you could get lost in there.
From my experience you need to get out there, and meet people and attend trade shows. I know in Mexico most imported products need labels from the importer; in Colombia holograms are used for ensuring genuine articles are being sold, in Chile security labels are used in most stores. So you will need to look at the shows in the different countries, though your trade association may know which one gets most visits from all the countries.
Try these 4 websites to narrow down your search

You can also join www.xsortal.com where you will find all information about a country in one place.
Don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you want to chat about this further.
Gilio 01727 830612


Hi John,
Good points already raised about the ease of getting lost in LinkedIn forums and the importance of meeting people face to face.

Some events suggestions for the Chilean market:
Warehouses & Logistics 2014 – www.expobodegas.cl/2014/index.htm
Integral Sustainable Security – www.fiseg.cl
Integral Security Equipment, Products, Technologies and Services – www.sicurlatinoamerica.cl

Karl Royce / UK Trade & Investment Chile


Hi John
Some quick thoughts:
– Latin America has 20 countries. Make sure you know which ones you are prioritising and why before you get on a plane! It’s a big continent and expensive to travel across.
– I’ve also seen many security labels on my travels around Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia in the last year, so make sure you understand what’s already available and at what price, how much do you know abour your market, prices, duties, sales channels?…
– Regarding trade shows, we produced a spreadsheet with over 100 shows for 2014, please email my collegue Nicky at global@sunnyskysolutions.co.uk for a copy (I can’t remember if there were any niche enough for you)
– Regarding forums, you are unlikely to find the distributors themselves, that’s my experience (their use of social media, forums, online networks is patchy across the continent, to say the least), you might find consultants like us and some agents of dubious reputation! (with some exceptions, as always)
– Don’t rely on trade shows too much. I know from first hand experience that a lot of very good niche distributors just don’t see enough RoI from trade shows and don’t exhibit (you are more likely to see 3M there than a small local distributor)

Any questions, let me know, our details are here on Open To Export (www.sunnyskysolutions.co.uk).
Good luck

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