Distributor partners in Russia and China – adhesive cleaners and release agents


We manufacture a range of specialist Adhesive Cleaners and Release Agents for both Hot and Cold glues.

This range is supplied overseas via our appointed Distributor Partners direct to end users involved in Food & Drink Manufacturing, Packaging Manufacturers, Non Woven industry etc.

We offer full back up and support which covers local training in the country concerned.

We are now looking to appoint Distributor Partners in Russia and China and are keen to source suitable organisations and would welcome any guidance to locate companies which supply industrial adhesives (Hot / Cold) or companies supplying spare parts / service packages for adhesive application equipment. Thank You


Hi there Jim,

This isn’t by any means my area and so it is possible my ideas may be of no use at all, but you never know they might lead you somewhere that is.

In the UK, companies register a SIC code with Companies House which classifies their industry so it is possible that a similar system may be replicated in Russia and China respectively?

Ask the Russian and Chinese embassies if they can help?

Try searching the Russian and Chinese yellow pages? There seem to be a few sites for each but might be worth checking out.


If you know or can find someone who is actually from either country, their local knowledge might be invaluable to you. My thinking is that if this was flipped, and your search was limited to the UK then for us this would be an easy task – so probably just as easy for a Russian or a Chinese person too. If you don’t know any, you could maybe get in touch with a local University and see if you can get to speak to any of their foreign students.

It would be interesting to hear how you get on with this because my gut tells me there is a really easy way of doing this but I just don’t know it.

Best of luck,



Hi Simon,

You are so correct it’s untrue!……I’d never considered tackling it via sic codes. We’ve done quite well in other regions via various search engines but I really need to look in detail to see if other countries have / operate a similar system. I’m never one for complicating things and really appreciate your answer, will certainly let you know how i get on.
Many thanks and All the best.

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