Distribution for washer disinfectors and pulp macerators overseas


We are a UK manufacturer for washer disinfectors and single use pulp macerators for the global hospital and care home sectors.

There is a tremendous growth expected for our product range in various parts of the world and we on the same time plan to set the pace.

I am looking to find people in other countries to help me sell the brand in how do I go about finding agents or how do I connect with other countries to export to them. UKTI is one of them but they charge sometimes and can be very expensive. What is the best way.


The research that you need to carry out is varied.

I subscribe to http://www.xsortal.com/. It is a useful research tool. You will be able to find tenders on here.
You can look at leads generated by UKTI https://www.businessopportunities.ukti.gov.uk/uktihome/register.html
You can look at leads generated by European Enterprise Network
You can look at websites of companies within your industry and see on their website where to buy tab, who their distributors are. eg you can look at complimentary products to see who they use.
You can attend trade shows with your local trade association.
Once you have decided on a country then you could use their local chamber of commerce network to find companies who are in your field. You will find this also on Xsortal.
Yes UKTI have some free services but others you have to pay for so you can also utilise export professionals who travel to overseas markets on behalf of clients.
For other free advice try http://exportadvisory.com/


Thank you for the guidance Gilio


If you have a good product working well in other countries, then gave a look at Comexfi.com for the Spanish, French and Moroccan market entries.
k. Bennouna

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