Distributing beer in the UK


I have been approached by a large distiller in India to distribute beer in the UK

I don’t have much experience in distribution but do have a few contacts.

Is there any potential pitfalls I should consider or any advice you can offer. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you.


Hello Sash,

My company has experience as an importer/distributor bringing in mexican beers to the EU, and the biggest barrier is getting shut out of the market by the big breweries who make life very difficult for new entrants. I think you’ll definitely come up against the same problems in the UK, unless your have plenty of independent customers to fall back on.

Beer has a shelf life from 8-15 months depending on the brewing process, so if you’re going to import a full container, make sure it’s from a recent lot and is not stock that’s been lying around too long. Disposing of out-dated beer is not cheap!

My only other advice would be to ensure you have carefully worded, exclusivity contract for the UK, especially if you plan to invest your time and money in promoting the brand.


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