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I have a few enquiries from Thailand/Malaysia/Burma asking me to dismantle a car and export to them as parts, which is completely new to me. Can someone assist me in this matter please.

Do i need license for certain vehicle parts, such as airbag from the steering wheel, engine, batteries, tyres and etc.

Do these parts needs to be in pallet form or loose while shipping? What is the rate like if ship in a 40" container or in different calculation?

If a VAT Qualifying vehicle being dismantled into parts and exported eventually, is the VAT claimable? What documents do i need?

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Dear Victor
So we can calculate freight costs for 40ft Container pse advise collection point.
The car parts should be clean and if being shipped as lcl should be palletised.
You can contact us directly with details on 01263 513127 or email colin.crown@ntlworld.com
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My colleagues within UKTI should be able to give some guidance on most of these topic areas. Suggest you call Mark Sankey in your local team on 07971 198196 who will help.

For VAT enquiries you should talk to your accountant firstly or one who specialises in VAT.

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Dear Victor

I had seen your question and you will be amazed that many people do this business to Asian countries from UK. Yo can get cheap cars in Uk and get them dismantled and secure parts and send for export.

All VAT is claimable in this matter as all the parts are exported outside of EU, with no intention of bringing them back.

In relation to your freight you will be getting many options from here itself. Usually people just hire a container and send in the goods in the required declared quantity to the country where it is required. It is a bulk business and it just depends on numbers.

In relation to licences you will need a licence to dismantle a vehical in UK and taking the parts as spare parts. In the countries recieving they will need proper licences in position to import such declared parts. Usually they import it as scrap.

If you need any further help in pertaining to this matter , please feel free to contact us.

Nitin Datta

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