Discrepancy between Italy and UK re Commodity 2710 1943, a trade barrier to exporting to Italy


Good Afternoon All, I have seen this ‘Open to Export’ platform being promoted so I hope one of your good selves can help with a barrier to trading with Italy that I keep knocking my head against:
Discrepancy between Italy and UK re Commodity 2710 1943. the UK commodity code description is as follows:
• Petroleum oils
• Other
• Heavy Oils
• Gas Oils
• For other purposes
• Sulphur not exceeding 0.001%
It is not a Fuel or a tied Oil.
Italian customs request a SAAD documentation for this commodity code.
A SAAD document is only completed if Excise Duty is applicable here in the UK, but the code and the product in question is not subject to Excise Duty here in the UK as it is not Fuel or a tied oil.
How or what can I do in this situation to allow me to send the product through to our Italian customer and satisfy the Italian customs?
I have in the past sought advice from UK DTI, UK Customs and Excise and UK Trade & Investment| British Embassy Rome but no one has ever come up with a solution. I hope you as a combined team of knowledge and skills can help. Best Wishes, Kind Regards. Jade


Hi Jade,

Thanks for your question.

As commodity codes are the same in each EU country, I would apply to HMRC for a BTI – which is basically a written, legally binding confirmation of the correct tariff code. Will take around 30-45 days for HMRC to process but if you are shipping to Italy in an on-going basis would be worth it.

You can apply here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/binding-tariff-information-rulings, or drop me a mail and I can ask our team here to do for you for a small charge. We also have a road freight service to Italy if this might be of use.


Kind regards,


You could also try to speak with the people at SolvIt. When it comes to crossborder problem they might be able to help by getting the Italians to think about things differently…


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