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DataGuidance already has some excellent clients in the US including IBM, CitiGroup, Boeing, Oracle, Western Union, Amgen to name but a few. We attend trade shows and organise seminars in the US several times a year. We believe the market has great potential for us and are looking at our options: particularly at developing a sales operation there. We already have strategic PR support in the US. We would like to know what support is available from UKTI and input from others who might have experience of developing in the US.


Hi Lindsey,
UKTI provides a range of offerings to UK companies to assist with market entry and expansion, including our tailored consultancy service (OMIS – Overseas Market Introduction Service). OMIS can include market information (research/competitors), contacts (agents/distributors/partners), relevant events (product launch/workshops), etc. Your initial point of contact would be an International Trade Adviser (ITA) who can provide you with further information about UKTI’s services. To find your ITA, click here and enter your postcode:
If you open a sales operation in the United States, UKTI can help you develop business by holding a launch event at our Embassy or one of our Consulates, or through providing market research in order to identify additional business contacts as well as multipliers like attorneys and accountants.
Select USA,, is the programme under the US Department of Commerce that is helpful in explaining the benefits of establishing a business in the USA; it can also provide additional EDA contacts to assist you. Please email to be put in touch with an adviser who can help you.
Information that Select USA provides can include:
– A searchable guide of federal programs and services available to businesses operating in the United States—including grants, loans, loan guarantees, and tax incentives
– Industry snapshots that describe the competitive landscape
– A catalogue on “Why to Select the USA?” that explains the advantages of operating a business in the United States.



We are also happy to have a conversation to discuss in more detail if you would like. Please feel free to email us at

Sue & Brittany



One thought for you since you asked for ‘..input from others who might have experience of developing in the US.’

In my experience of developing B2B brands in the tech sector in the USA, the key to success is a) demonstrating your credentials and traction in the USA (eg. customers) through good PR and marketing, and b) being in market regularly and meeting or networking with potential clients and partners.

It sounds like you are doing both, which is a good start.

The UKTI support in terms of being able to hold a launch event (as suggested in Sue & Brittany’s answer), can be very helpful, judging by feedback I have heard from companies that have used this facility in the USA.

Best regards

Nitin Dahad

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