Design & marketing services for Asian fashion, beauty and luxury retailers that want to export to the UK and Europe.


I am the Creative Director at ClickUK LTD, which is a successful design company that works with established UK based retailers in print and digital design. ClickUK specialises in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and luxury retail projects by offering brands creative direction in marketing, graphic design, corporate campaigns, advertising, branding and identity.

ClickUK is very passionate about creatively working with Chinese retailers to promote them into the British and European market. I recently met with some Chinese retailers at the The UKTI China Luxury Mission in London and I am in talks with them.

I would be very interested if you could also suggest Chinese fashion, beauty, lifestyle and luxury retailers that want to expand into the UK and Europe market. I would welcome the opportunity for ClickUK to give them creative direction in the marketing and design for their brands, to appeal more to the “western” consumer.


Have you tried making contact with the UKFT that should be able to help you make contact with those parties


Thank you I will!


If you need any contracts with the Chinese retailers to record reseller or other arrangements, ContractStore has a collection of dual language contract templates in both English & Chinese that you can download form its website at this link:

Good luck with your business


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