Could we lose customers in non-EU countries who the EU currently have a deal with?


We have countries outside Europe that buy from us as they have a trade deal with the EU (i.e. Large automotive businesses in South Korea). If it takes considerable time to negotiate separate deals we are likely to lose these customers to EU competitors. What will the government be doing to help businesses during this period?

This questions was asked as part of our webinar on ‘What exporters need to know about Brexit in 2017’. You can find a recording of the webinar here:


hi Colleen,
This is a good question and valid point. Unfortunately the answer would need to come from the Government. you may want to contact your representative body, relevant trade association for your sector, your MP etc for further lobbying and getting your voice heard.
Also, I would suggest you contact my colleague Mireille at Enterprise Europe Network South East as they can support you in your planning for future internationalisation.
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Hi Colleen

from my experience we have been exporting to countries with different types of trade deals across the world already for decades .
Korean companies will find a way of getting goods into UK and vice versa.
The tariffs that exist today will be re-negotiated, and whilst they may not all be concluded simultaneously, there should not be a reason to worry that borders will suddenly be closed.
With sterling as it is today its a great opportunity to establish ourselves ahead of other EU competitors, so that were sterling to weaken un-competitively, we have already established our brands in those markets , and set a standard for our products that they can’t do without .

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