Costs of legalisation in Middle East


We are a small company who have been successful in appointing a ditsributor in UAE for our products; however the costs of legalising documents in order to register our distributorship in UAE and get listed by State Oil Company are substantial – c£5k is there any goverment or other help towards such costs ?


We are a firm of scrivener notaries (Saville & Co.) and regularly assist clients with the notarisation/legalisation of documents for use in the UAE. Unfortunately, the UAE does charge quite high legalisation fees. However, your figure of c.£5k seems quite high – the typical fee structure is based on the number of documents.

Basically, the UAE requires documents to be presented to the UK Foreign Office to be apostilled (at a cost of £30 per document for the 3-5 day service or £75 per document for the 24-hour turnaround) before being submitted to the UAE Embassy for legalisation (at a cost of £400 per document). These fees are in addition to any notarial fees that may be incurred (documents not issued by a UK public body, e.g. HMRC or Companies House, must be notarised before they can be submitted for legalisation).

If you would like an alternative fee quotation, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].


I should mention that the legalisation fees quoted may be subject to change.


A fee of £5K to legalise a distributor agreement for UAE does seem high. To have a single distributor agreement apostilled, certified and legalised in the UK will cost £497.86 in total. If you require more than one this would obviously cost more but nowhere near the amounts you have said.

This is a service Chambers of Commerces carry out a national basis daily so please feel free to contact us on 01753 870560 if you wish to have more information on this.

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