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I offer bespoke travel arrangements for people visiting England. I take them where they want to go, arranging everything at this end so all they need to think about are flights. I would like to add corporate clients to my customers but how do I let businesses know this service is available? It is not just a taxi service, I take care of the guests all the time they are here, taking them to meetings, appointments etc.

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Hi Phil

It is reasonable to assume the US is your best market opportunity, but you have to demonstrate presence to win business there.

Do you know more than half of telephones (mobile and landline) in the US cannot make calls outside North America? The facility is simple not enabled.

To learn more about winning business in the US, visit – no data will be collected about your visit, no sales executive will call or email.

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Roger Frampton
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I would advertise your services on Linkedin. The rates are reasonable and can be very targeted according to type of business, country, prfofession, job title, etc. What is also beneficial is your ability to see who has seen you advertisement and how many hits it receives.
Richard England


Glynn –

If you’re wanting to market to business clients overseas, UKTI have a subsidised service called the Export Communications Review which can give you a tailored action plan on how to get your website visible in international search engines. This can supplement other marketing and business development approaches – effectively exporting online.

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Good luck with promoting your services overseas!

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