control lists and rules for countries


where can i see the UK Strategic Export Control Lists?
And where can i see a list of rules on exporting to specific countries?


Hi Tom,

The following article might help:

It has a link to the UK Strategic Export Control Lists:

Our community should be able to offer further assistance, however it will likely help if you can give details on what items you would be planning on exporting.

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You can access infomation and background about the strategic export control lists

As Kenny has said – here is the link to access the consolidated military and dual use control lists.

If you are looking for information about specific sanctions and restrictions on a country basis see for information on trading in sanctioned and embargoes destinations.




thanks for the links.

But they seem to all about military stuff- which is not applicable.
All i want to know is can i export clothes from retail outlets here in UK to Ukraine?
i would buy them here and re-sell etc etc

So far it sounds like i can do it without any need for a license. I don’t see clothes from a high street chain in UK being dangerous or dual purpose.

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