I am a consultant that uses commercial off the shelf laser scanning equipment to produce 3D computer models of scenes, within buildings or open air. I then manipulate these models using standard commercial off the shelf CAD software and produce reports analysing the contents of the scene. The scene could be a site of security or military significance.
Would my report need an export license, if it were purely analysing a scene in the country to which the report is being exported?


Hello Kelvin,
You may need a licence depending on a combination of the country of destination, the type of location you are reporting on and what your report is to be used for.

This could come under the licencing of intangibles or trade control.

I suggest you take a look at the BIS Export Control web site
and contact them directly. You will need to give details of your reports, customers and what they intend to use the reports for.



I have worked with a company in the UK producing topographical surveys and measured building surveys in the UK and overseas. They often work with the MoD and had to go through a lengthy process of getting MoD clearance for each employee working on site and also needed clearance for all materials produced off-site. This also applied for everything connected to any site deemed to be of a sensitive nature e.g. power stations, airports, ports, even disused airfields, etc.

You would certainly need to seek extra advice and possible approval to send any of your material outside the UK if it is of a sensitive nature, especially anything of military significance.

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