Conformity tests for export to USA


I manufacture craft kits in the UK. A large US company is interested in the kits and asking me if I have the conformity tests in place to export to the US. I don’t, and furthermore have no idea how to go about doing this and what is required. Can anyone help please?

Thank you


The potential buyer is probably asking if the exports conform to US regulations, the easiest thing is to ask him exactly what regulations they refer to. In the USA some states have different regulations to other so you need to get details of the federal as a well as any state regulation

When you know what the regulations are you can then answer them



Thank you that’s helpful.


Hi Jo
Since your kits look as though some may contain Wool, there may be regulations to do with whether it is from animal hair.
You may have to give your importer a breakdown of the materials used for them to check.
Somebody big like Michaels will expect you to do the work for them.
You can use a resource such as the European Commission Market Access Database
There are ways of doing it yourself ,rather than having to send it out to an expensive agency

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