Company research in Canada


I am trying to research some companies in Canada. I wanted to get copies of their accounts but cannot find the equivalent of Companies House in the UK. Does such an institution exist and if so how do you contact them and if not how do you get company accounts in Canada?

Thanks for your help


Lindsay, I have done a little bit of digging and found this link which may be helpful. this is the corporate registry system for alberta, Canada.
I dont think it will totally answer your requirements but is a good place to start.
Good luck


There is no exact equivalent in Canada to Companies House. Business registration is done at various levels – municipal, provincial, and federal, so there is no central authority. Depending on the kind information you are seeking, a local chapter of the Better Business Bureau in Canada, maintains records to some extent, including whether a complaint has been filed against a company. For more extensive information, for a fee, you can obtain files from the likes of Dun & Bradstreet



Try here,, which lists all the Provinicial Registrars for companies in Canada and is the main site (Industry Canada) for info.


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