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Hi all

My company wishes to import some infant products from Netherlands and Germany before exporting them to Asia and frankly all these suppliers are sources from the internet. As you can imagine our first concern is whether these companies are indeed reliable as they claimed to be knowing that nowadays there are a lot of fraudster out there.

Does anyone know how to verify these companies (Netherlands and Germany’s companies) in terms of their credentials?

Also these companies require some sort of payment upfront and we are concern that these companies are either empty shell company or they will simply take off once received our funds. Is there a way to do it in terms of payment so that our risk is minimise? (probably insurance cover?)



Hi Eric,

Please give me a call on 0207 989 0222, as i would love to talk further over the phone,

Brad Golder,
KBR Foreign Exchange Plc


Experian are a good source of information on EU companies. I have provided the link below:
This is not a free service so be prepared to pay up to £150 for a report, but it could be a wise investment if your business needs confirmation about who you are working with.

You can also use this site in Germany:
This is the official German site for all registered German companies like companies house in the UK. It offers English language in case you do not speak German.

This is another useful website which provides all the national registers of companies.

With regards to payment, you should pay for anything until you have seen at least samples of the product you are purchasing together with an official chemical analysis for each product in English. There are very strict guidelines for exporting baby foodstuffs to Asia and China.

Richard England

Export Action Plan